Terms and Conditions for Trainings


At The Crossroads of Trauma Therapy Training

In-Person OR Online (live streaming)

I am participating in At The Crossroads of Trauma Therapy Training (herein after referred to as “Training”) of my own will and volition and voluntarily agree to all the terms and conditions of this Informed Consent and Release Agreement (“Agreement”) below.

COPYRIGHTS: I shall not make any copies, reproductions or recordings including audio, video, audiovisual, or other recordings of all or any portion of the Training and related Materials unless specific written permission is given to me by Rachel Walker, MFT. I understand that Rachel Walker, MFT is the exclusive owner or licensee of any and all original materials utilized in the Training including, but not limited to, all printed, audio, video, digital, online, and other materials (herein after referred to as “Materials”). The Materials also include all duplicates, reproductions, and derivatives of the Materials, as well as any materials, research, books, articles, and other works of authorship, as well as products or services, created or licensed by Rachel Walker, MFT and related in any way to the Training. Rachel Walker, MFT retains all rights in and to all intellectual property related to the Training and the Materials including, but not limited to, any copyrights in the Materials. Your participation in the Training does not result in the sale, license, or transfer of any title, ownership right, or interest in or to any of the Materials.

VIDEO: I am aware that there will a recording made of this event. Lecture, group question/answer sessions, and live demonstrations will recorded. The recording will be made available to participants after the event for a specific period of time - for learning purposes only.    

CONFIDENTIALITY: I agree that all personal information of any participant disclosed to me during the course of the Training is strictly and completely confidential. I shall not disclose any such confidential information to any person or entity unless required by law. I shall not duplicate, reproduce, distribute, publish, or discuss any confidential information contained in or related to the Training.

WITHDRAWAL FROM THE TRAINING & REFUND POLICY: I understand that I have the right to withdraw from the Training at any time. If I withdraw Rachel Walker, MFT’s refund policy will apply (see below). Even if I withdraw from the Training while it is underway, Rachel Walker, MFT’s refund/cancellation policy will apply. 

I also acknowledge that Rachel Walker, MFT reserves the right to approve or deny participation in the training at any time, even while the Training is underway. Although Rachel Walker, MFT does not expect it to happen, there is a small possibility she may ask me or another participant to discontinue participation in the training without noticed based on her assessment of the needs of the training/group, my or another participant’s ability to benefit from further participation in the training/group, or based on other reasons. While it is Rachel Walker, MFT’s intention to avoid any such situation, I acknowledge that there is some risk that I would be asked to leave the training against my will and that this might be very upsetting to me. If Rachel Walker, MFT requests that I leave the training for any reason, I agree to comply with the request, and I understand that my registration fee will not be refunded (as stated in the Refund/Cancellation Policy).

REFUND/CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations will receive a 100% refund, minus a $30 administrative fee, with notification of cancellation 15 or more days prior to the start of the workshop. Cancellations will receive NO refund if the notification arrives less than 15 days prior to the start of the workshop or if no notification is provided. In the event of a COVID outbreak or national crisis any in-person portion of the Training may move online. If such a circumstance were to happen, this cancellation policy still applies.

REGARDING LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS AND “PERSONAL SESSIONS”: I understand that the primary purpose for providing credited Personal Sessions during the Training is educational, to offer experiential learning that supports students in their professional training and development. The term “Personal Sessions” includes one-on-one training sessions and demonstrations of Rachel Walker, MFT’s integrative trauma-approach, and these Personal Sessions feature audience participation during the Training. I understand that I am responsible for my own psychological and emotional reactions in Personal Sessions and that Personal Sessions may trigger psychological and emotional responses in me. Rachel Walker, MFT is not responsible for my reactions to Personal Sessions. These Personal Session educational opportunities may result in a productive psychological experience, however the main objective of these experiences is to practice and demonstrate Rachel Walker, MFT’s integrative trauma-approach.

I understand and agree that I will be solely and exclusively liable for all of my acts and omissions at all sessions, meetings, and consultations related to any Training at any location.

By Submitting This Agreement, I certify that all the information included in this agreement is true and complete. I agree to appear and act in a professional manner at all times while participating at this Training and/or interacting with training students, trainers, assistants, and coordinators, both within and outside the training environment. I acknowledge that Rachel Walker, MFT reserves the right to approve or deny any request to take the Training, can revoke approval at any time, and approve or deny the participation of any person, at her sole discretion, with or without cause, and in accordance with her policies and the law. This Agreement will be binding upon me.